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Punched Bufferlies

Horrible weather we are having in New York right now - rainy, cold, foggy and grey.  Reminds me of home!  There is talk of a heat wave coming up - 90 degrees - unfortunately that will more than likely come with the usual NY 90% humidity.  Bleugh!

Anyway, weather talk over (such a Brit), onto the crafting.  I'm continuing to post some of the projects I created recently.  This one was for a friend's daughter.  She turns 13 soon and my friend asked if I could make a green and orange card.   Not my favourite colours it has to be said!  This one was pretty simple to make however punching out the tiny butterflies was painful - literally!  The tiny punch created dents in my hand :(   My boyfriend's son Hank is about to turn two and when he saw this card he said 'bufferlies'!  Awww.

The card was created using Bazzill Marshmallow cardstock, with an additional layer placed on top using foam adhesive. I punched the butterflies from various shades of green card I had lying about (good way to use up the scraps) and two from a bright orange piece.  I then arranged them on the the top card layer and glued them into position. I was going for an ombre type look with the green colour graduation, which I think worked well. The arrangement is not so good. I would go more swirly next time.  I stamped the sentiment from a Simon Says Stamp set from the February card kit ('I Like Your Style') and embossed in silver.

This card could be adapted using different types of tiny punch - I bought a cheap set of eight from Michael's which also has a heart, dragonfly, Fleur-de-lis... I'll try some more another time as my scraps are getting a little out of control...maybe gloves this time though!


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