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30 Day Color Challenge is here again!!!

Woohoo I cannot wait - Kathy Racoosin is back with the fourth The Daily Marker Color Challenge - 30 days setting aside time each day to colour in- even if just for 5 minutes. I've loved them all but last time my 30 days were cut pretty short when Ruby was born 20 days into the challenge. This time I am going back to work but not until Feb 25th so I'm getting my mediums ready now!!!

This weekend I finally got around to organizing all of my Peerless watercolors into a handy binder.  I attached the peerless on top of a clear binder pocket with glue dots, and then labeled a swatch of color on the inside (only the swatches are watercolor paper as I didn't want to waste any!). The binder is from Target for less than $5. 

I chose not to cut my smaller peerless squares up and instead cut down the original pack size to match.  As I had some of the bigger pieces left over, Hank my stepson and I made a palette just for him. He loves to colour and these paints are fantastic for kids - much less mess. I seem to remember my mum had a set!

Here is Hank with his palette and the masterpiece he coloured. 

I love his style - he is only 4 and loves to use all the colours in the palette in such a unique way. I got the image from a website of free colouring in pages!!

I also promised myself I couldn't swatch out the next set of colouring medium until I make at least one card or colour in with these :)

You should definitely try and join in with the #thedailymarker30day and visit Kathy's blog - www.thedailymarker.com for all the details. I typically share a lot more on my Instagram feed (@soulbyte) so please follow me there!!



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