Designer Inspiration

The below are just some of the designers and card makers that I look up, and that have inspired me to get back to my crafty roots.  I've provided the links to the sites and a couple of examples of their work that I really enjoy.

I'll be sure to add to this list on an ongoing basis.   I love to spend my time watching card videos and browsing blogs so please let me know if there are any good blogs out there to check out.

Jennifer McGuire (Jennifer McGuire Ink)

The Queen of techniques, Jennifer is an inspiration to  many, including me.  Just as I think to myself "that's it, there can't possibly be any more techniques left to do with... embossing powder...", wham, another one!  Inlaid die-cutting was a particularly favorite of mine. She also appeals to my sense of organization.  Her tips and tricks for storing the various crafting goodies I have amassed border on the genius.  See here for a recent tip for storing embossing powder, that so many other crafters out there are following.  Amazon must be running seriously low on Sistema Klip-it containers and ice-cream spoons by now :)

Laura Bassen (Doublestick Heaven)

Laura's cards are often so simple yet so beautiful.  She knows just what colors go together and her photography is wonderful.  Her card videos are hilarious and a joy to watch.  I think she's mentioned she has five children - unbelievable multi-tasking :)

Debbie Hughes (Lime Doodle Design)

A fellow english(wo)man, Debbie's cards and photography border on perfection.  Her cards have a clean, simple, airy, floaty feel that you just know took hours to get just right.  Even her blog co-ordinates.  She has a series called Lime Light giving tips on photographing your cards - I seriously need to take note, CAS is something I struggle with, but keep trying!

Laura Sterckx (Making Cards Is Fun)

I always get excited for Laura's Saturday Stamp Day video to pop into my Youtube subscriptions list every Saturday morning.  It's part of my routine along with my coffee and feeding the cats.  Laura's cards are the definition of cute, with lovely soft pastel colors.  She definitely got my watercoloring bug going again.

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